May 30, 2024

Mind Control at Gary Null’s Retreat


Yesterday was my 5th day of a 4 week retreat with Gary Null at his Paradise Garden’s in Naples Florida. Check it out!! Everyday at 7 am we go to the track to power walk or run. My first day was 3 miles and the very next day it went to 4 miles. I had the opportunity to be with Gary personally for most of the track, thank goodness. I am learning so much and excited to share what’s happening, my inspired insights and what’s up with mind control.

For starters, I am not physically fit and 3-4 miles by itself was out of my comfort zone and painful. When on the track yesterday, I was in complete silence and really observing my mind and how it wanted to “take me out” or “make excuses”. Maybe you can relate, as I began to see how I do this in almost every area of my life, from food, exercise, business and relationships. I am excited to share tools I used that Gary has gracefully reminded me about.

As my miles got higher and I got more exhausted this is what was going on inside on my mind:

“My knee’s hurt”

“My back and shoulders hurt”

“I have had surgery”

“Why isn’t anyone else here?”

“Gary is on the air (radio) this morning, he will never know how many laps I do”

“3 miles is enough for me today, I have been working out hard everyday”

“I have been doing this everyday, my body needs a break”

“If they aren’t doing it, why should I?”

“I am hurting”

“I can’t do this anymore I am going to fall over”

I wanted to quit over 100 times!! I could hear Gary in the back of my mind saying it takes commitment, discipline, focus and mastery to live an empowered life.

We did an exercise the first day in the gym where he asked me to do the MOST I could do of an exercise. Upon completion, he showed me the timer and immediately I said “2 minutes, that’s not long at all”….he reminded me that was my mind going to the dark side (he has a great film with Debbie Ford and Bruce Lipton called “Overcoming the Darkside”)! THEN THE MAGIC HAPPENED! He did an energy exchange with me and I started the exercise again….this time I had a 400% increase! Wow, I had the power to do so much more than I imagined!

Every time I wanted to quit…..
I told my mind “STOP”.
I stayed focused on the goal and commitment.
Reminded myself that I can MASTER anything and this is part of the mastering process!
I held this image of finishing and what that would feel like to celebrate this success.
The BIGGEST this was telling my mind I am in control….I get to choose….no more excuses or reasons, they are not me, just my mind/ego trying to take me out.

Lesson is for me is to be aware of my mind and with discipline and focus I can control it! No more excuses!
TODAY’s UPDATE: GARY added 2 more miles. YES 6 miles!!! Immediately my mind went to all kinds of stuff including wining and complaining (imagine that)….however I am excited to say I did all 6 miles and it was easier than I thought with my new tools for mind control and focus on mastery!!Look forward to your feedback and comments! Your truly inspire me.


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