May 30, 2024

My first session of Dr Gary Null’s Health Support Group


Last Monday night was the launch of our local Gary Null, PhD Health Support Group. A couple of months ago, I was invited to facilitate as a Life Coach and Wellness Consultant.

I had no idea that everything in my past would lead me up to this moment in time. My years of experience with business, event promotion, coaching and even health. I have been reminiscing about my past experience with Equinox International and Conscious Living Partnership which brings me to this point with confidence and certainty.

This is a powerful lifestyle modification program that individuals can join at any point, to get a baseline of their health, learn directly from Dr. Null and through different lifestyle choices….experience shifts and changes in our lives.

One of the challenges with learning new things is the process of self actualization. We go to seminars get all “jacked ?!?!?!?!(HYPED UP)?!?!?! up” and don’t always make the changes. It is process of implementation that becomes difficult. This is why having a coach or team is so powerful. They help hold me accountable! So I am thrilled to have this health support group. We have 2 Medical Doctors, a Registered Nurse and other health experts that are participating. It was magical to see the resources and support that everyone has contributed.

I have been really lazy and in denial of my potential and health. I can talk the talk but not always walk the walk. This week we watched “7 Steps to Perfect Health” (which you can purchase for only $16) then we completed a 9 page questionaire and took our measurements, blood pressure and more.

What an amazing “Ah Ha moment” the questionaire was for me!

Let me share with you some of the questions….

Do you believe that lifestyle changes can have an impact on your lifespan?

Are you prepared to make changes in your lifestyle that may increase your lifespan?

How many times to you wash your hands?

How many vacations (4 or more days) do you take in a year?

Do you nap during the day on a regular basis?

Of the people in your life that have hurt you, what percentage have you forgiven?

How many minutes in an average day do you take for self-reflection, mediation or breath-work?

Here are just a few from the 9 pages. I think everyone could benefit from this questionaire. It really help me get in touch with myself at a deeper level. I found myself thinking about things I want to change like my gray hair, weak nails and such!

I am so honored and blessed to be leading this group. I get to really experience first hand the changes.

This week the protocol is:

Journaling, juicing celery, cucumber and apples, eating only what gives my body energy or healing, doing 1-2 hours exercise and powerwalking everyday, drink one glass red and one glass green stuff and protein drink (Gary’s world famous powder drinks).


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