June 18, 2024

CLP at Vibrant Women’s Conference


This past weekend we sponsored the 2nd annual Vibrant Women’s Conference in Melbourne, Florida. What a dynamic day for our team and community. We had a wonderful sponsor booth, that positioned our organization at the front of everyone. Thank you, Kelly Palace. https://www.consciouslivingspace.com/profile/KellyPalace

I was laughing so hard when Edie Raether of Raleigh, NC presented “Kick Your Dreams into Action”. She was dressed for success and one of the activities was breaking a wooden board with your hand. The position she and the women breaking the board, reminded me of a karate position, but in a business suite. Great insight to our personal power and what holds us back….and where we hesitate because of FEAR.

The speakers were all educational and inspiring! The biggest theme for myself was dream big, love yourself and be unstoppable!

Can you imagine my other favorite event?
The ultimate chocolate cake break and expo! What’s better than EATING CHOCOLATE WITH GIRLFRIENDS & SHOPPING.

I received an award for being the “Vibrant Women 2008”. This was an extreme honor and loved the standing ovation with smiling girlfriends in the audience. Thank you! You all inspire me be vibrant!

Hope you join us for next years event!

www.ConsciousLivingPartnership.com proud sponsors of the Vibrant Women’s Conference.


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