May 30, 2024

Developing an Elevator Pitch – First Impressions Matter


Elevator-PitchIn simple words, an elevator pitch is a brief presentation that’s designed to grab the attention of potential prospects in a compelling and comprehensive manner.

So, if you had one minute with Oprah or someone you admire in your industry, what would you say to capture their attention?

Criteria for a successful elevator pitch:

It must be Quick, Clear, and Concise! Attention grabber is important too.

Be clear; use a proper speed & tone so that you avoid rushing your message.

Show your enthusiasm using appropriate excitement while telling the story. Enthusiasm plays a key role if you want to draw the attention of your target audience.


Does your elevator pitch answer the following questions…..

Who are you?

What do you do?

Who is your target audience?

What separates you from other businesses in your industry?

How do you bring value and benefits to your prospects?


Get a note card and have a 30-sec and 60-sec elevator pitch ready. Then start to practice and test to see what sticks. This is one area I love helping my clients shine!!!


Share your elevator pitch with us!

What I am looking for next is……


To your business & life success,

Shannon Gronich


How to Get on Television – What Producers Want


TV NewsTelevision is one of the major mediums for marketing and often one of the most challenging to get noticed by. With a clear vision and great story you can get booked.

Consider all the relevant TV shows in which you want your news or story to be presented.

Start visualizing and creating a list of shows where you would like to see your story. I suggest that you jot down at least 15 to 20.

Do your research about the show prior to communicating with them so that you can ensure your story or news is a suitable fit for their major audience & the kind of story or news they typically feature.

Whenever possible, look to create a personal connection with journalists, editors, and especially the secretaries and gatekeepers who hold the key to getting you to the people you want to talk with.  They will be your greatest allies or they can shut the door before you ever get in-depending on how you build those relationships.

Send your story along with a short and to-the-point pitch letter to the producer of your interested TV show in addition to all the required contact info. Pitch videos are encouraged to showcase how you perform in front of the camera.

Remember to include why their audience might find your story interesting.

During a phone conversation with the show organizers, stay excited, keep it brief, & be aware that there’s a very fine line between pitching your story & being pushy.

Most editors fancy a personal pitch as opposed to a typical press release.

Ensure that you come up with a strong and catchy subject line for your news or story. After all, just like you, there may be several other people who want to grab a spot on a popular TV show.

Make sure you follow up after 7 days if there’s no response from the show organizers.

While following up, remember to keep your cool. At best, appreciate the producers & editors for giving their valuable time to consider your news or story. Even if they might not need you at the moment, you might get an unexpected call from them in the near future.

Hence, never lose hope. Keep your eye on the goal!!!

How have you gotten booked on television?

Share a link to your favorite show or interview.

To your business & life success,

Shannon Burnett-Gronich



6 Radio Interview Best Practices – Get the Most Traction from Being on the Air


radio_interviewOne thing I have realized from being in publicity is how easy it is to get booked on the radio, but not everyone knows how to make the best out of it. Radio interviews can be used for years to come for both client acquisition and retention.

1. Prepare yourself
The thing is, you only get one opportunity for getting it right when you’re on LIVE radio. Hence, preparation is key here. You must come up with precise & strong messages that you want to spread to your followers.

2. Prepare your host
When sending over the marketing material to the host, always include your power bio, headshot, and 5-7 questions they have the option to use during the interview. On the day of the interview, print and bring a copy of your bio and questions to the host directly, in case they were too busy to prepare.

3. Stay Focused
Many radio interviews are no more than 4 minutes long. Avoid getting drawn into unnecessary topics. Radio hosts are skillful enough to obtain info from you, not essentially on the subject covered during the interview. An easy way to redirect a question is the statement, “That is a great question! What I would like to share with you is….”

4. Examples and Metaphors
Radio can be a very intangible means of communication. Audiences rarely get an opportunity to re-listen to your interview twice. It’s best to make your story memorable; use examples & metaphors whenever possible. Know that radio mirrors your character to the listeners.

5. Invite your followers
If you already have some credibility, it can be a wise decision to invite your followers to listen to your interview. This is a sure fire way for building the required trust and faith among your followers for your products/services.

6. Set clear intentions
Whenever you speak during your radio interview, make it sound clear enough for your listeners to properly understand the subject. Use simple language. Avoid using language that’s too technical/hard to understand for your listeners. Imagine you are speaking to a child.
Most first timers find it difficult to get their message across to their followers just because they wait to be questioned. To avoid this, try to take control of every single opportunity for getting your message across. Know what your final goal is during the entire course of the interview.

How do you best prepare for radio?

Share a link to your favorite show or interview.

To your business & life success,
Shannon Burnett-Gronich


Our Love Story – the Beginning


Our story is divinely inspired and started in a most unusual way.  Well, not unusual in the romantic sense of two strangers meeting and being drawn in together, but unusual in the location and timing of our initial meeting.  We were both at an event that made us question what brought us to this horrible place.  It was at the LA Sports Arena on May 21st 2011.  The event was “Cage vs Cons” where the premise was Ex Convicts in an MMA style cage fighting against policemen firemen and War Vets.  Around the arena was the distinct smell of marijuana filling the halls, and tattoo ink machines buzzing away.  Before the fights started there were hip hop artists shouting and gang affiliated colors were decorating the entire building.  WHAT WERE WE DOING THERE???  

Shannon was working with Xsura – Ziing which was a sponsoring company.  She was in Los Angeles from Florida on a business trip working the booth at the Event, as well as spending time with family as her cousin was in the hospital dying.  Ari was called at 9:30 that morning by a friend who had a booth at the show and needed some help working on the MMA fighters.  I figured that I had nothing better to do that day, so WHY NOT come and help out a friend.  

I had no idea what I was walking into when I got there.  The police presence gang presence smell of marijuana throughout the Arena mixed with a level of tension and anticipation for the fights.  It was thick and palpable the energy of the place.  Not quite condusive to romance and love finding its way through the muck.  

At some point during the day Shannon was told by someone that there was a massage booth


When Shannon first came up to the booth, I was sitting down relaxing and she went first to my friend Art San whose booth it was that I was helping at.  I noticed her walking  towards us and while already intrigued, I was not who she was coming to see.  She was here to have Art work on her.  I was watching him do his thing, and in my head thought that it would be really nice for me to get to work on her as well.  I had no idea why I wanted to work on her, but it was something that popped through my thoughts.  After a few minutes of Art working with Shannon, he said, “You should really have Ari work on you”  

Shannon describes this better than I do because I couldnt see myself but I was sitting in a chair and had a chair for her in front of me.  When she sat down and I put my hands on her shoulders, it was over for me.  I was in love.  I had no idea what was compelling me, but all I really wanted to do was rest my head on the back of her neck and melt into her.  Turns out that my hands were melting into her and she into my hands.  Shannon says that she first fell in love with my hands and then with me.  It is absolutely amazing to me how divine spirit creeps into the most uncomfortable places and brings two souls together.  When I was done working on Shannon, she turned around and cried while I placed my hands on her heart.  

I was in Love and Knew that I would never see her again unless I got her number and called…  So I asked for her number and got to connect with her one last time before she flew out back to Florida.   We havent had a day without communication since that day…..


Over 100 Ways to Improve Your Life in 9 Hours or Less!


Expo of Heart is under new management! Produced by Conscious Living Partnership, the Expo features over 100 exhibitors offering products and services to support conscious living and a healthy, well-balanced life. Join us February 22, 2009 from 10:00am-7:00pm at the Broward County Convention Center and discover an abundance of resources to improve all areas of your life. Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with world-renowned presenters in powerful learning experiences. A panel of natural health experts will be on hand to provide attendees the unique opportunity to ask questions and get answers and information. You’ll find free tastings of organic food, healthy coffee, juices and even organic chocolate. Also available will be hundreds of door prizes and deals on products and services such as low-cost cholesterol and health screenings.

Sample massages, herbal products, aromatherapy, jewelry, nutritional supplements and much more will be displayed in the exhibit hall, and a variety of healthy and delicious foods will be available in the food court. Discover fun, healthy strategies for your life!

For more information call 888-292-1116 or visit Exhibitor & Sponsorship opportunities available. Expo hours: 10am-7pm. Broward County Convention Center is located at 1950 Eisenhower Blvd in Ft. Lauderdale.