July 15, 2024

Developing an Elevator Pitch – First Impressions Matter


Elevator-PitchIn simple words, an elevator pitch is a brief presentation that’s designed to grab the attention of potential prospects in a compelling and comprehensive manner.

So, if you had one minute with Oprah or someone you admire in your industry, what would you say to capture their attention?

Criteria for a successful elevator pitch:

It must be Quick, Clear, and Concise! Attention grabber is important too.

Be clear; use a proper speed & tone so that you avoid rushing your message.

Show your enthusiasm using appropriate excitement while telling the story. Enthusiasm plays a key role if you want to draw the attention of your target audience.


Does your elevator pitch answer the following questions…..

Who are you?

What do you do?

Who is your target audience?

What separates you from other businesses in your industry?

How do you bring value and benefits to your prospects?


Get a note card and have a 30-sec and 60-sec elevator pitch ready. Then start to practice and test to see what sticks. This is one area I love helping my clients shine!!!


Share your elevator pitch with us!

What I am looking for next is……


To your business & life success,

Shannon Gronich


What are you BIRTHing this year?


I am looking at the energy and inner workings of BIRTH. In the last 4 months I have giving birth to a new baby boy, Ryan Gabriel Gronich and a marketing book, MEDIA MAGIC. Both have this creation time, intense labor, and then the new beginning – BIRTH. One of my spiritual teachers, Elizabeth Stamper shared this concept of always being in the birthing process when living life. Warm cozy creation, pressure of the birth canal, or new beginning with bright lights.  If you look at these three moments of BIRTH, where are you?


During the gestation of my son, even though it was the creation time….I felt like I was in the birth cancel and was challenged to let go of limiting beliefs. The rigid beliefs I wanted to hold onto…..I was forced to let go, if I wanted any sense of peace in my world.

Many times, LETTING GO = PEACE OF MIND. I remember walking on the beach a couple of weeks before Ryan was born and my friend sharing that NOW is the time to step into trust and knowing. Trust that the perfect people are showing up to support this birth and know that everything will turn out the way it was suppose to. Let go of control. Now this can be difficult for the planner in me….but when I felt my body and mind wanting to control something, when I become aware, I immediately breath and relax into the words “I let go and trust that everything is in perfect order, right here and now.”


Your Life is in Perfect Order RIGHT NOW!!



Get Your Mind * BLOWN *


Hi Conscious Living Partners and friends,

Throughout the years with Conscious Living Partnership, Expo of Heart and all the beautiful relationships and groups that I’ve been involved with, I’m not exactly a newbee when it comes to alternative energy, consciousness and cutting edge technologies.

There is something that was just demonstrated to me and I * FINALLY * got what my friend has been mentioning to me for the loooooongest time!

You probably have heard about some wild and crazy different energy machines that are supposed to make more energy than what it takes to run them. I know – you’re probably thinking that’s what all the “perpetual motion nuts” are talking about and it is supposed to be impossible because it violates the laws of physics.

Well, I just had one of the most powerful distinctions I’ve ever heard about explained to me by my friend Aaron Murakami and I almost can’t believe it is this easy. Not only is it possible for a machine to make more electricity than it takes to run it, and it has * ABSOLUTELY NOTHING * to do with perpetual motion.

AND… what Aaron shared with me describes the most common sense explanation of how the physics of abundance in the universe actually works. I live with a mindset of abundance and believe the universe provides but up until now, I have never had one very specific distinction spelled out to me by any book, course, video, audio, seminar or expert like what Aaron shared.

It completely legitimizes the entire law of attraction by showing the natural principle that allows it to work. You probably know as well as I do that the law of attraction does indeed work but do you realize that if you believe what the physics books teaches that it actually is supposed to violate the laws of physics as they teach it in schools.

So essentially, it is very incongruent and contradictory to believe in the law of attraction and abundance while at the same time we accept what is told to us about not being able to have machines that can produce more electricity or mechanical work than it takes to run them.

With the very simple and actually common sense principles that Aaron shares, we can have our cake and eat it too. We can see that not only can we have lives of abundance, we can have machines, organization, businesses and virtually any system we can think of be able to produce more than what we put in. I found that the physics of energy producing machines are identical to the physics of consciousness, business systems, abundance, biology as well as EVERY natural system in the Universe.

He explains all of this in his book The Quantum Key. There are some technical parts of the book but the concept I mention above is spelled out in very simple terms. You can read his bio and also see some video interviews of him on this page: https://www.consciouslivingpartnership.com/aaronmurakami

With Love,