July 15, 2024

Day 20 of my fasting journey!!!


I am looking back over this journey and wishing I had kept a daily diary or blog about my fast.  Then I realized it’s never to late to start anything.  Louise Hay started Hay House Publishing at the age of 60….always an inspiring story for me!! 

So…28 days ago when my husband and I watched “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” I was reminded of the power of juicing and cleansing.  Immediately, I woke up with the motivation to clean out my system.  We have started juicing, enemas and focusing on healing our bodies and minds through food (or the lack thereof)!!  Amazing – when I asked “what do I need to let go of in my life that is not supporting me or that is not for my highest good?” – the Universe starts working!!! 

We find our parents are nervous about the assumed lack of food in such a regimen, but really when juicing all the food we do, we are getting way more nutrients than we would normally by eating.  Some weeks we have consumed 5-7 bunches of kale, collard greens and spinach, 5-6 bunches of celery, 10 lbs of apples and carrots and more!!  

I have seen so many mysterious things happening on this fast.  My relationships are changing, my body and soul are changing. I am seeing things through a new pair of glasses.  The first day I opened the refrigerator 8 times…LOL!!   I am continuing to see my food addiction in a new light, when I feel the need to eat but am not really hungry.  I have this desire to eat when I am nervous or emotional.  Seems like a way to stuff my feelings!!

When I first started to utilize coffee enemas, which clean the liver, I had a lot of anger and was feeling very short with people around me.  I know that according to Chinese medicine, the liver holds anger….so that was no surprise.  I love how I feel after the enema….I have lots of energy and feel really light as a person!!!  When preparing the coffee enemas, I follow the guidelines of the Gerson Therapy.  They have successfully cured cancer for over 70 years in Mexico and they give the entire protocol away in their book!!  

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