June 18, 2024

Journey of Writing a Book…..


For over a year now, I have been advised to write a book. I have had so much resistance and difficulty in sitting still to do it. Knowing what I know about book writing, I had some inner conflict. So here is the mind of Shannon….

“There are many options for books, I know authors that write a proposal and get it published and authors that write a book to build creditiblity and it is like a business card. There is also the option of finding a publisher or self publishing. WOW!!! Then what will the readers be inspired to read? What do I want to share?”

Can anyone relate here?

In July, I signed a contract to co-author a book with 30 other authors. Authors in the book include T. Harv Eker, Loral Langemeier and BJ Dohrmann. I am so honored and very nervous, both at the same time. This opportunity is a PUSH from ABOVE to get writing and sharing.

I will keep you posted on the status! I am working with the most amazing coach, from Conscious Living Partnership, Amonda Rose. She is helping so much! Thank you. If you are interested in publishing your own book or you have and want to share…please add a comments!


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